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Brittany Weber was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Northern California (Bay Area, woot woot!) when she was 6yrs old. Her dream was to eventually move to San Diego. So in 2010 she spread her wings and flew (drove) to this place we call paradise. She graduated from San Diego State University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences with Emphasis in Interior Design. She worked at a prestigious residential firm in San Diego right after graduation. From there, she chose to set out on her own business venture with her creative and like minded “sisters”.

I’m known to say: "Comme Ci, Comme Ca"

Favorite thing: Hitting that snooze button

Least favorite things: Slow drivers, especially when turning street corners

Dream destination: Anywhere in Europe!

Ideal road trip: Glacier Park, Montana

My jam: Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum, Paul Simon, Diamond on the Soles of Her Shoes or anything from Odesza

Favorite food: French Fries and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Obviously can’t just choose one

Movie on repeat: Fantastic Mr Fox

Happy place: Anywhere near water!

Biggest pet peeve: Sound of people chewing. Dry mouth talker

Binge worthy show: Game of Thrones


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Priscilla Jimenez studied at the Art Institute of California - San Diego, majored in Interior Design and received her Bachelor's Degree in 2011. Born in El Centro California, Priscilla moved to sunny San Diego at a very young age and has loved everyday since. Well, with the exception of those 100F plus days, those she is NOT a fan of, but who is?!


I’m known to say: “Everything happens for a reason”

Favorite thing: Enjoying quality time with loved ones

Least favorite things: Parallel parking & washing dishes

Dream destination: Any place in Europe, Egypt & Alaska

Ideal road trip: San Diego to New York & San Diego to Oregon

My jam: Varies on the mood  

Favorite food: Any carb overload, pasta being at the top of the list & Sushi

Movie on repeat: Harry Potter

Happy place: Cozied up by a fireplace with a hot toddy and a good book

Biggest pet peeve: Getting interrupted mid-conversation   

Binge worthy show: Gilmore girls   


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A proud native of San Diego, California, Catherine Tran first graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. Not long afterwards, she realized her passion for eye-catching, yet equally meaningful interiors could be made into a thriving real-life career! She took a leap of faith and has yet to look back ever since! After graduating from the Art Institute of San Diego California with a Bachelor of Science Interior Design degree, she then had the great opportunity to hone her skills under a number of great design firms in and around San Diego and up the coast. Now looking toward the future, she is over-the-moon excited to intertwine both professional backgrounds to build an inspiring and cutting-edge Interior Design firm in her ever-growing San Diego community alongside her amazing business partners.


I'm known to say: I'm not interested in competing with anyone out there. I hope we all make it!

Favorite things: Sunny days and wide neighborhood streets lined with large canopy trees

Least favorite things: Cold, cloudy days and sitcom endings

Dream destination: Greece

Ideal road trip: Across country, hitting up small towns and eating at all the best local restaurants!

My jam: Deadmaus “I Remember”

Favorite food: All things authentic Vietnamese

Movie on repeat: Intouchables with Omar Sy and Francois Cluzet

Happy place: Pilates studio

Biggest pet peeve: The-chewing-and-talking-with-food-still-lodged-in-their-throat peoples...

Binge worthy show: The Office and The Amazing Race